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How to Order: Screen Printed Items

1. To find apparel or accessories, go to Catalogs A, B, C, or D which carry an assortment of items from various manufacturers. Or, click on one of the product logos to see items from that particular manufacturer.
- Write down the brand name, item number, size, color, and quantity of each item of interest.

2. Send us your artwork in “VECTOR ART” format created in Adobe Illustrator (.ai, .eps, .pdf).
Accurately describe where you want the artwork printed on the item.

3. Call / Fax / Email your inquiry to us and we’ll be glad to provide a quotation. Include the information from #1, and #2 above.

That’s it………….you're finished!

Note 1: When screen printing; it’s not uncommon to require a white underbase be put down prior to actual printing. This adds 1 additional color to the price.

Note 2: There are always setup charges (screen preparation) and sometimes artwork charges in order to print your job.

Note 3: In order to keep pricing reasonable, it’s best to try to order a minimum of 12 items.

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